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Your communication problems are finally over

You can finally cut ties with the past and you are no longer obliged to work with big telecom providers who are still charging you unrealistic prices and renting you copper lines. And yes, you get to keep your company's number in the process.

Your business telephone central system is no longer hardware connected to a complicated wiring system, it's in the cloud. Every telephone is now connecting as a computer on the network and will find it's way to your central cloud VoIP system, allowing you to all the functions you were having before and so much more. You are no longer bound to a location and you can attach any employee located in the world to be part of your VoIP system. You benefit from all the newest push technologies for anybody to reach you no matter what. Voicemail - message parking - conference - follow me protocol - - IVR and many more options will allow you to enter the 21st century.

If you are thinking about re-investing and change the way you want to communicate - call us!

Do you want to pay just a fraction of what your telecom costs are today? - call us!

Are you setting up a new company or branch? - call us!
Don't sign or let your lease reconfirms another 3 years, we guarantee a minimum reduction of costs of 40%!

Voice communication has become today our business - it's all network & internet based - so call us!
Fonzer in Belgium is our VoIP supplier, based on the dutch Kwebbel system.


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