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Cloud Based you say?

Resistance is futile, it's a matter of time to come to the cloud

GDRP has set the rules in today’s European company’s networks. Local and traditional IT is out, working online is in.

And there is a good reason for that: it’s fast, easy and you can work from anywhere on any piece of hardware.

And, it’s safe and more than likely, GDPR compliant.

Reaching that level with a today’s traditional in-house setup and comply with the GDPR European regulations along the way, will become very costly and will require complex staff operations to sustain a secure level. Where online solutions will relief you from all that complexity. 

In today's world, everything is pointing out towards online solutions and you know it. There is a big chance you are using it already on your mobile, mail and other devices. 

Online solutions will let you share costs on all levels, simplify your financial view on IT by a cost per user and let you benefit from technology only available to large corporations. The simplicity of accessing a desktop anywhere will open new doors and possibilities in term of organization, mobility, response time and future expansion projects. 


Now is the perfect time to make the move - the date of 25 may 2018, empowering the GDPR regulation should make you aware of today's danger using IT technology and this awareness should come with a plan.

We like to help you with this plan if you let us.


Invite us at any time of convenience and we'll be more than glad to explain you possibilities, prices, and deployment.


For all customers under 10 users, we have products like our Cloud Desktop Basic or Cloud Desktop Pro solutions allowing you to work on an online desktop connected to all your data and to your team.

Above 10 users, we deploy dedicated servers online allowing a team of minimum 10 users to work from any place, anywhere at any time.
All our systems are secured by2 way authentication access using flash SMS, mobile App or mail to confirm entries. We support all majors software, SQL connections, and any other database solutions.
All you need to bring is, is your E3 subscription on Microsoft Office 365.


Invite us for a chat and give us the chance to explain how simple it is to implement these solutions in your existing workflow. 


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